B Olson

Hello Clymer Families,

My name is Beth Olson and I am delighted to be the Superintendent of Schools for the Clymer Central School District.  I very much appreciate the warm welcome I have received from the staff, parents, and community, and I am eager to become part of the traditions that give pride to the Clymer community.

We have some big challenges ahead of us.  Our first task is to develop a reopening plan for the students and staff for the fall of 2020.  The leadership team has already started the planning process. Our plan will align with current guidelines that preserve the safety of everyone in our community while still creating an engaging learning environment for our students. It will also include input from stakeholder groups.   We are presently creating a comprehensive in-person, remote, and hybrid (combo of in-person and remote) instructional models.  We plan to share our plans with families during the first part of August so that they can plan accordingly for the fall.  Flexibility and cooperation from our entire school community will be essential to make this reopening a success.  

In addition to reopening, we have fiscal challenges and capital needs that need focus in order to provide a safe and enriching environment and program for our students. My commitment to you is that I will lead with honesty, compassion, transparency, and integrity. I strongly believe that building strong relationships with all members of the Clymer community and communicating regularly are the most important responsibilities of the superintendent.  I welcome your thoughts and input about the educational experience we provide our students.

I’m excited to meet and work with all of you to provide students in the Clymer Central School District with the highest quality education possible. We are all in this together.  Your questions, ideas, and concerns will be important feedback, so please let me know what's on your mind.   I look forward to navigating this “new normal” with you. 


Beth Olson

Beth Olson

Superintendent of Schools