Scholarships for Students Already in College

This page has applications for scholarships and links that are applicable to students that are already enrolled in college.

Mary Stewart Hubley Scholarship - Due date 5-1-2020  

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Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation

Rev. Clifford K. Cliver and Lucy Cliver Sumsky Scholarship has been established by Rev. Clifford Cliver, who was in and out of foster care as a child.  He is passionate about supporting those who were in foster care to get an education.  All applications should be forwarded to the NCCF.  

Rev. Clifford K. Cliver & Lucy Cliver Sumsky Scholarship Application

Chautauqua Region Community Foundation

Available March 1st. Applications for high school students are due June 30th. Applications for students in college are due July 15th.