CCS Students LOVE Morning Jogging!!


Five years ago, Clymer Central School introduced a morning jogging program to our elementary students. Instead of remaining on the bus each morning, students are welcomed into the school building to walk or jog for 20 minutes before school starts.

Check out our video and information below to find out more about our program or to help your school start your own morning jogging program!

Steps to Starting Your Morning Jogging Program

1- Find staff members willing to volunteer 20 minutes once or twice per week to supervise the program. We have used two staff people to supervise over 150 students.

2- Identify the location and time of the program; be sure that the gym is available during that time.

3- Identify any equipment needs. (Music, door mats, ect.)

4- Check in with physical education department and maintenance staff to address any concerns they may have – you need their support to make this run smoothly!

5- Make the proposal to your school’s administrative team. Please feel free to use our data and our video to support your proposal!

6- Get permission slips signed. See a sample below under the "Related Files" section of this page.

7- Bring on the music and get started!

Tips for a Successful Program

1- Make morning jogging the FUN choice. We started this program because elementary students were sitting on school buses waiting for their time to enter the building, so morning jogging is a great alternative. Kids love the music, visiting with friends, and being active. You can “create” a less desirable alternative, such as waiting outside or sitting in a “quiet” classroom or hallway before the school day starts.

2- Keep the structure minimal. Our students have done this for 5 years without lap-counters, pedometers, or contests and our participation rates have increased each year.

3- Have a designated place for each grade level to drop their bags and coats so they can retrieve them quickly when the bell rings.

4- Keep the rules simple. Ours are:

a. Kindergarten and 1st grades in the middle of the basketball court

b. Walkers around the court perimeter

c. Joggers to the outside

d. No pushing, tripping, playing tag or other games. Those unable to follow rules sit out.

e. Must wear gym shoes

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Related Files

This form is in PDF format if you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your computer

Please use this file if you would like to use this for your own morning jogging program

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