Mrs. Brianne Fadale, Secondary Principal & Director of Special Education

Phone: 716-355-4444

Email: bfadale@clymercsd.org


I am very excited to be the new secondary principal here at Clymer Central School District. During my time as a Staff Development Specialist with Erie 2 BOCES, I was able to work with many teachers and students here at Clymer over the past year and a half. One thing that I absolutely love about Clymer is the enthusiasm and passion of the staff and the students!

I am excited to be a part of this wonderful family and my goal is to continue the positive momentum and to strive to provide the best opportunities for our students. 

Mrs. Brianne Fadale

Mr. Joshua Tedone: Elementary Principal

Phone: 716-355-4444

Email: jtedone@clymercsd.org

Dear Clymer School and Community Members

I want to thank Clymer administration, faculty, and especially students for such a warm welcome.. I believe that two simple words, respect and kindness can solve just about every problem/ situation most students will encounter. Following these guidelines will teach us to respect each other, learn from our talented instructional staff and grow educationally. It is important to students’ academic and social growth to be able to be in the classroom learning and collaborating with other students. I will work hard to help maintain a safe and respectful environment where students can flourish and grow. I am excited for the opportunity to help work with students to continue to develop problem solving skills, acceptance for others and to help fuel their passion for learning.


Joshua L. Tedone