8 th Grade Art Photography Lesson

You will be using your ipad or phone to complete this lesson.

Learning to see is probably the greatest hurdle every photographer has to overcome. Once
you begin to see, the next hurdle is composing all that great stuff into a balanced Photo. For this lesson you will practice basic photography composition tips to capture unique closeup images of everyday objects.
Photo Tips for Taking Better pictures:
1. Get Close-Choose your subject & eliminate all the unimportant “junk” by moving in
close, REALLY CLOSE, while still having it in focus
2. Unique Angles-try laying down and looking up, or shoot down on your subject, angle
your camera slightly, place camera on ground…
3. Look for Interesting Textures, Shapes, Patterns, Colors to photograph and make
sure you have the right light to emphasize subject

Close-Ups in Photography Lesson