• SchoolMessenger 

    Currently Clymer Central School notifications of inclement weather, safety alerts, school closings or other important information are sent via our SchoolMessenger system. In the past, these messages have gone out as phone calls and occasionally email notifications. Starting this February, Clymer Central School will begin using the SMS feature in SchoolMessenger to send notifications via text message as well. With this free service*, you will receive text messages with important information impacting Clymer Central School. This optional feature requires parents to opt-in on all eligible devices to begin receiving text alerts from Clymer School.

    On Monday, February 19, 2019 (President’s Day), a message will go out to all eligible devices with information on how to opt-in and continue receiving text messages from Clymer Central School. Alternatively, if you would like to opt-in prior to February 19th, you may follow the instructions below.

    If no action is taken, the SMS message on February 19th will be the only message you receive on your eligible device. This is an optional feature and you may opt-out at any time. If you choose to opt-out of text messages, you will continue receiving other types of messages from SchoolMessenger, such as phone calls and email notifications. As Clymer Central School strives to improve communication with parents, we look forward to using this new SMS feature. 

    *SchoolMessenger does not charge recipients for the text messages that they receive or send to the short code; however, wireless providers may charge for individual text messages depending on the plan associated with the wireless device.  Check with your wireless carrier for possible charges.

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