Mr. Corey Markham

  • Dear Clymer Parents and Guardians,

    It is hard to believe, but we have completed a quarter of the school year.  I would like to thank the parents and guardians for everything they have done for the school community this past quarter.  From celebrating our student-athletes’ successes to our Halloween Parade, your involvement in our school community makes Clymer a special place to work at every day.

    As we move into the second quarter, there is much to accomplish and look forward to.  Here are a few highlights:

    • UPK Parent / Teacher Conferences – November 19th & 20th
    • Senior Play – November 21st, 23rd, and 24th
    • Thanksgiving Break – November 21stNovember 25th
    • K-6 Parent/Teacher Conferences – November 27th & 28th  
    • Senior Auction – November 29th – 6:00pm
    • K-6 Awards Assembly – November 30th
    • Mark your calendars for the Instrumental and Choral Christmas concerts
      • K-3 – December 6th – 6:00pm
      • Grades 4-6 – December 11th – 6:00pm
      • Grades 7-12 – December 13th – 6:00pm  
    • Winter Break – December 21st January 1st
    • January Regents Examinations – January 22ndJanuary 25th  

    As we begin our second quarter, it is important for us to take a moment and review your child’s progress thus far. Quarter grades are now available in PowerSchool.  If you have questions or concerns, the best place to begin is with a call or email to their teachers. In addition, each student at Clymer has an assigned guidance counselor who is also ready to attend to any of your concerns.  However, it is important to keep in mind that there is still much time to improve your child’s overall academic progress.  With help from our dedicated teachers and counselors, it is my hope that any deficiencies can be addressed.     

    Inclement Weather Alerts:

    As we move through fall into winter, I would like to remind all Clymer families of our school closing/delay procedures.  Should inclement weather require us to change our schedule, every effort will be made to let our community know as soon as possible.  If a decision is made to change our schedule or close the school, we will notify our community via phone call from our SchoolMessenger system. We will also inform local media of our school closings.  

    Tardy Policy

    While events do happen that cause occasional tardiness, please help us communicate to your child the importance of coming to school on-time on a regular basis.  When students arrive late, they miss essential information given at the beginning of a lesson, thus significantly reducing achievement.  A student is considered unexcused tardy if they have not reported to homeroom by 7:54am.  For those students who have difficulty arriving to school on-time, the administration has the right to assign detention(s), in-school suspension and even filing a PINS petition with Family Court.


    Over the past two years, there has been a dramatic increase in students vaping on school property throughout the nation. While the law requires you to be at least 18 years of age to purchase or use vaping devices, too many of our students are in possession of one. These devices are also being used to dispense THC in an odorless method.  Like many school districts across the nation, Clymer Central School has seen an increase in this dangerous new trend among students.

    As per our Student Code of Conduct, ‚Äčthe possession, distribution, or use of a vaping device is prohibited in school, on school property or at school events‚Äč. Students found possessing, distributing, or using these devices are subject to discipline under our Student Code of Conduct.  Disciplinary actions can include multiple days of in-school/out of school suspension, extra-curricular suspension/dismissal, and enrollment in a tobacco/smoking awareness class.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact the school so we can work together to educate our children on the dangers of vaping.