Mr. Corey Markham

  • Dear Clymer Community,

    With summer vacation coming to a close soon, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you and your children back to school on September 4, 2019.  I am thrilled to share with you some of the exciting changes that your children will experience this coming year.  Our conscientious custodial staff has shifted many classrooms within the building and meticulously cleaned and waxed hallways and classrooms.  We have added several new educators, two elementary teachers, a MS/HS math teacher, a MS/HS science teacher, and a school psychologist, to our Clymer family.  In addition, our dedicated faculty has been attending professional development workshops, setting up their classrooms, and planning with their colleagues for the school year.

    We will be hosting our Grades 1-12 Meet the Teacher Night on August 29, 2019 from 5:30-7:00pm.  In addition to meeting new teachers, this is a chance for students to find their new classrooms, bring in school supplies (supply lists can be found on the school website), put items in their lockers or desks, receive a copy of their student schedule (for grades 7-12 - schedules available on the PowerSchool portal after August 19th) and much more.   

    There will be other changes parents, guardians, and students will be introduced to for this school year.  Many of these changes are intended to increase school efficiency and make the school district cost-conscious to the community.  For example, much of the paperwork associated with our “First Day Packet” and other paperwork sent home for parent/guardian signature throughout the school year will now be electronically signed using FamilyID.  Please follow the directions under the Parents tab on our website to register for FamilyID and if there are any questions, refer to those contacts.  

    Finally, we are strengthening our curriculum to raise academic achievement.  All Middle and High School student schedules now feature a “Pirate Study Hall”.  Every teacher will be available at this time for assistance and to provide academic intervention as needed.  The class period schedule has been adjusted to increase instructional time and link our ability with other schools to host Distance Learning classes.  The school day for all K-12 students will now start at 7:50am with a dismissal time of 3:05pm.    

    Our continual goal is to make the students our first and only priority as a Clymer community.  We will celebrate our students’ accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom.  Together, we can begin to take the steps forward to make Clymer a leader in education.   


    Corey W Markham

    Principal/Director of Special Education