Classroom News

  • Throughout the year

    Reading is a huge emphasis for us this year.  We will be learning many different strategies to help us become strong, confident readers.  In order to achieve our goals we need your help too.  Read with your child and help them with their sounds, using their tracking fingers, learning the basic sight words and much more.

    Learning numbers and using numbers in math will be another emphasis this year. We will be using numbers daily and learning how to add and subtract.  Students will be using a calendar, talking about patterns, shapes, time and money. 


    Your student will bring home a folder that they will use throughout the school-year.  The purpose of the folder is to both increase communication between home and school while also promoting student responsibility. One side of the folder has a “Home” label where students will put items that go home with them that day. The other side is for “School” where any correspondence from home can be tucked to come back to me (i.e. absence notes, permission slips, alternate pick-up schedules, etc.)

    In addition to the folder, an agenda will also be coming home nightly and needs to be returned daily.  This is where the students will mark their behavior of the day, place spelling words and more. 

    You can help by talking with your child about the folder/agenda and reminding them in the beginning of the year to both return the folder/agenda and check it nightly with them.

    Other Important Items:

    Description: star.pngTransportation: All transportation changes must be in writing!  We cannot take your child’s word!  Notes can be sent in the morning of the change.  In case of an emergency, call the office to notify us of a change.

    Description: star.pngNews: A newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of each week. The newsletter will include reminders, important dates, topics we will be covering and classroom needs.

    Description: star.pngConduct: Good behavior is expected and important to ensure a productive learning environment.  Your child will mark their behavior in their agenda that will be colored based on their day.  Please initial daily and review the rules if necessary.

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